Medical check up is a medical examination. Through this examination is expected of an illness or health disorders can be detected early on. This test while handy for planning method of handling and treatment right before the disease develops.

While the medical check up, the patient will undergo a number of stages of due diligence, consulting regarding a complaint that is being perceived, record keeping and inspection related to medical history, examination of the body's vital signs and physical condition in General.

Although not required, medical check-up has become a routine health checkup. Patients can consult the doctor at anytime and not have to wait until the onset of disease or declining health conditions.

Medical check-up on a regular basis can increase the odds of staying healthy and having a longer age.
The following is a purpose of the medical check up regularly to the doctor:

  1. Knowing the current health conditions in order to prepare the form handling early if found the presence of diseases or health disorders.
  2. Know the risks-risk of disease that might emerge at a later date.
  3. Encourage patients to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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